Performance Therapy

Sports Movement

Movement.  In all aspects it is vital to life and to high performance.  Every tissue in our bodies needs to move to grow, thrive and function optimally.  Whether it’s blood to deliver nutrients and oxygen, joints and their cartilages and synovial membranes to be stimulated to repair and grow, or muscles to move our bodies, movement is key.

We believe that a properly functioning neuro-musculo-skeletal system is vital to maximizing performance for all sports. We take a centre-out approach to movement systems, and investigate the relationship between tissues at a microscopic level to their impact on the macroscopic level of an entire kinetic chain.  In a centre-out approach, movement starts with a stable and strong spine that has necessary mobility.  As movement expands out to the extremities, the base of movement from the hips and shoulders must be strong, functionally mobile, and able to create a stable base from which to move more distal joints.  As gravity affects the body’s position in space, it is necessary to have strong foundational strength and stability as one touches the ground (whether it be by the feet or hands) and be able to transfer momentum and power through the body effectively to perform a task.

How the body moves is vital to both performance, and minimizing injury.  But it is more than just thinking about “technique”.  It is fundamentally integrating ideal body mechanics into the particular parameters of a sport, and making sure that the body becomes “hard-wired” to move in biomechanically ideal ways, even under load or during periods of extreme fatigue. 

This is what we strive for at Health Sciences Lab.  Success. Is. Here.