Mobility &Stretching


  • Physiotherapy

    Surgical and sports injury therapy, active rehabilitation & movement training

  • Chiropractic & A.R.T.

    Restore function to the neuro-musculo-skeletal system

  • Massage Therapy

    Restoring & optimizing soft tissues & improving performance

  • Sports Movement

    Improve performance, work capacity & reduce likelihood of injury

What is Health Sciences Lab?

In this age of modern sports sciences and multi-disciplinary healthcare, the best professional athletes and sports teams have access to a full spectrum of health care and training methodologies at their fingertips.  For the average person, many multidisciplinary clinics that offer various services are often disjointed or do not work together in a cooperative way.  The patient’s full scope of need is not considered its first and foremost goal. 

Now, imagine a centre where both heath care professionals and movement and training experts work seamlessly and cooperatively to achieve a balanced environment that allows not only professional athletes, but also the average person access to the kind of care that professionals receive.

Health Sciences Lab not only effectively blends the expertise of various health professionals; we utilize certain modalities (acupuncture, acu-point injections, chiropractic adjustments, Active release techniques©, massage therapy, and physiotherapy) to effectively deal with issues from the microscopic level of tissue damage, to the macroscopic level of general movement patterns and nervous system hard-wiring (through Kinesiologists, expert coaches, and our health professionals).

Without traveling all over town and seeking varied opinions from a multitude of practitioners, we meet (if you consent) about your case, and discuss a plan which would ideally not only eliminate your symptoms, but also give you the tools to properly prevent symptoms from re-occurring.  There is the potential then at that point to work with (and alongside at the same time) other professionals to improve your movement or athletic performance though coaching, training, mobility work and strengthening programming.

At Health Sciences Lab we always ask “why?” and perform movements, therapy, prescribe, strengthen, and coach with purpose and intent.  We strive to provide comprehensive, research-based and on-field tested methodologies to provide the most advanced and effective results possible.  We believe in our methodologies, and so should you.

Health Sciences Lab is proud to introduce two new staff members! Adam Harris, Registered Massage Therapist, and Dr. Bahareh Ghanbari, Physiotherapist. Adam is an ultra-distance runner and avid outdoors-person who will bring a wealth of knowledge of endurance sports to his massage therapy practice. Dr. Ghanbari is a specialist in rehabilitative physiotherapy, and joins us as Greg Kirk approaches his last few months with us before his move to Victoria. Dr. Ghanbari and Anna Chicoine will be taking over Greg’s practice, so all of his patients will be in great hands as Greg moves on - we wish him the best in the future!

Please give us a call or book online to meet and get treated by Adam, Bahar, or Anna - or any other of our highly experienced and caring staff members.

Dr. Philippe MacInnes,
DC Owner, Health Sciences Lab