Performance Therapy

Movement for Crossfit
  • Do you have trouble performing overhead movements?
  • Can you Overhead Squat and Snatch to your strength capability?
  • Do you have pain with any CrossFit movements?
  • Can you sit in the bottom position for 5 minutes comfortably?
  • DO your knees hurt with running or box jumps?

These are very common problems that we see at Health Sciences Lab. In order to perform to your maximum, or to break through frustrating plateaus, you NEED to have full and pain free mobility of all your major joints - spine, hips, shoulders, ankles, elbows and wrists. Most people don't realize that they could make larger and much faster gains in fitness and strength just by improving their mobility!

Passive mobility is a good adjunct and is necessary for maintenance, but usually is not enough to achieve gains when there is significant scar tissue and soft tissue adhesions from repeating poorly executed movements. This not only holds you back from improving as fast as you could, but also makes you an injury waiting to happen.

Fix your mobility, fix your movement patterns, and see just how fast you exceed your expectations and your goals!