PhysioTherapy - North Vancouver


At Health Sciences Lab, we take a varied approach to healthcare and rehabilitation.   It is important to us, the we properly assess your cons=dition, and apply appropriate methods to improving your well being and performance.  We always offer a hands on approach, that may include techniques such as Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS), Applied Kinesiology, Acupuncture, Manual Therapy, IMS, and Myofascial Release, as well as applying the latest sport science to best rehabilitate your injury, and return you to your hobby, life activity, or sport as fast and as effectively as possible.  We strive on focusing on the cause of your injuries, so that we can realistically return you to your activity, with a minimal or nominal chance of re-injury.

ALL treatments are a minimum of one-half hour, and all treatments and rehabilitative appointments are one on one.  You will not find our therapists ever treating multiple patients at once, and all attention and care is directly focused on you.

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