Named one of "Vancouver's Best Yoga Teachers", Mari Dickey brings a vast knowledge of Yoga to Health Sciences Lab. Read Full Blog

Over the course of the last 2-3 years, there has been an explosion in sports medicine research. It had truly been an exciting time to be an athlete, and certainly, from my perspective, an exciting time to be a sports therapeutics practitioner. Read Full Blog

Sitting has to be one of the highest causes of chronic pain, injury, and ill-health. At the end of the day, it's really important to keep moving and get out of that chair! Here's a great article on why. Read Full Blog

What this means is: rolling is not a warm-up. It's not a warm-down. It's rolling. What does it do? It passively stretches and moves connective tissue to increase blood flow, perhaps increase fluid movement, and perhaps increase glide between layers of said connective tissue. The more elastic and vascularized the tissue, the more likely there is to be a faster change in tone and texture of that tissue. Read Full Blog

TRT - Testosterone Replacement Therapy has been in the news of late regarding the UFC and MMA. I read an article today that stated that 7 fighters on the roster are on TRT. I'm sure that the number is much higher. Also, undoubtedly the number of unreported TRT is dramatically higher as well. What is TRT? Basically it's a way to replace fighter's lowered loss of natural T with injections. As a fighter, it's a calculated gamble, but really, as long as you test below the NSAC's limit of 6:1 (ratio of Testosterone to Epitestosterone), a fighter is deemed "clean". Read Full Blog