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Adam Harris, RMT

Adam is a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) newly joining the team at the Health Sciences Lab. Adam’s passion for massage therapy was formed while using massage therapy as part of his training recovery for ultra-marathon running. He found that his recovery improved after multi-hour training sessions, and in the subsequent years massage therapy has been vital to treating various overuse injuries and muscular imbalances that are commonplace in the running world.

Adam’s practice focus ranges throughout a wide variety of subjects including endurance sport injuries/overuse injuries, sports related injuries, addressing and managing postural dysfunction, treating peripheral nerve compressions and lesions, and injury prevention through the use of massage for clients as they train and prepare for sporting events. Adam also has experience treating sore and tight patients associated with office work, pre and post-natal massage, spinal herniation’s and facet locks, ACL/ MCL/LCL injuries, and always a favourite, hour long relaxation massage therapy treatments.


Vancouver College of Massage Therapy

Athletic History

Extensive trail and road running resume including a 100 mile mountain race, a self-supported 150km trail run, a 120km mountain race in Italy and numerous 100km, 50 mile and 50 km finishes with consistent podium and top ten finishes.

Continuing Education Interests

Myofascial Integration Techniques
Visceral Manipulation